Sunday, November 09, 2008

FIRST Fall School

At the end of last month I attended (as a student) the FIRST fall school on the logics and semantics of state. John Reynolds told us about separation logic. David Nauman and Matthew Parkinson showed us various approaches to verifying object-oriented programs. Zhong Shao outlined a project whose vision is to verify a simple operating system. Finally, Lars Birkedal and Hongseok Yang talked about some really abstract math.

Reynold's lectures were thorough and clear. Parkinson's were fun and accessible. My lack of knowledge made it difficult for me to follow closely the other lectures so I hesitate to attach adjectives to them. But I do recommend you miss no opportunity of having Reynolds or Parkinson as a speaker in your university (or company).

I'll follow up with a few posts to outline what I learned.



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